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Natural Wavy Virgin Hair

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Product Description

The wavy texture is luxuriously soft and lightweight with a sheik wave pattern that adds fullness and length to any style. This hair is low maintenance and can last at least 12 months and beyond with proper care. It is extremely versatile and can be blow-dried, pressed, curled, colored, and styled with ease. Once straightened, simply wetting the hair will return its original wave pattern.

Prices listed are per bundle.

Please note on the site when ordering that all of IIHB hair comes in natural unbleached/unprocessed colors only (brown, dark brown, and/or black). Color on hair is only shown for demonstration purposes only.

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Hair Length

10″ Wavy Virgin Hair, 11″Wavy Virgin Hair, 12″ Wavy Virgin Hair, 13″Wavy Virgin Hair, 14″ Wavy Virgin Hair, 15″Wavy Virgin Hair, 16″ Wavy Virgin Hair, 17″ Wavy Virgin Hair, 18″Wavy Virgin Hair, 19″ Wavy Virgin Hair, 20″Wavy Virgin Hair, 21″ Wavy Virgin Hair, 22″Wavy Virgin Hair, 23″ Wavy Virgin Hair, 24″ Wavy Virgin Hair, 25″Wavy Virgin Hair, 26″ Wavy Virgin Hair, 27″Wavy Virgin Hair, 28″ Wavy Virgin Hair, 29″Wavy Virgin Hair, 30″ Wavy Virgin Hair